Design & Consulting
Piller & Putz Construction is an industry leader in high performance construction
and design. Our expertise allows us to design practical homes that meet the
stringent requirements required by both Passive House and Net Zero programs.
Through experience we are capable of providing designs that are energy efficient,
comfortable, durable, cost effective and buildable. We will provide a design that will balance insulation and mechanical systems to meet the demands of our local
climate. We work closely with our pre-approved designers/architects or collaborate with a client selected designer/architect.

Passive House
We are trained in Passive House design and construction. Passive house design
reduces a home’s heating and cooling energy consumption by 90%. Through the
principles of Passive House design we can deliver highly efficient homes with a
healthy and comfortable living environment, regardless of weather conditions.
Passive House mechanical systems are substantially simplified, due to the drastic
reduction in energy consumption. Natural gas supply is no longer required and
these homes are capable of running fully electric heating and cooling systems. Once this standard is achieved, homes can easily be adapted to zero energy models by adding a renewable energy system such as photovoltaic (solar system) or wind.

Net Zero
The Net Zero model has been adopted by the Canadian government as our energy
efficient construction program. At Piller & Putz we have used Passive House
principles to design Net Zero homes, which we believe are the most cost effective
solutions to meet this standard while providing our customers with a comfortable,
healthy and high quality home. We have implemented very simple mechanical
systems, which offer long term reliability and very low maintenance costs, thus
decreasing operating costs and making Net Zero homes financially appealing. With a substantially decreased energy demand a photovoltaic system can be added to offset energy usage making the home “net zero”.

Energy Retrofits
Passive house and Net Zero models are not limited to new construction. At Piller &
Putz we have the experience to transform your existing home into a
healthy and efficient home through a deep energy retrofit. Not only will an energy
retrofit upgrade the thermal comfort if your home; it will also improve indoor air
quality, building durability and decrease external noise, while greatly increasing the value of your home.

Home much does a Net Zero or Passive House cost?
There are many factors that will impact the cost of a high performance home. Each
customer is unique and we can provide the homeowner with the right information
to make educated decisions about the design of their home. Through the proper
balance and design of the foundation, overall structure, wall system, mechanical
systems, glazings, overhangs and air barrier we are able to provide a cost effective
solution to meet our customers needs and budget. The estimated cost premium for a
high performance home is typically between 5-15% for a single-family home. If the
premium for such a home is beyond our customer’s budget we recommend building
a Net Zero Ready home. This is a home with enhanced insulation values, air
tightness, glazings and an efficiently designed mechanical system, which is ready for a photovoltaic system to be added at a later date. This protects the customer’s
investment and ensures that the home does not become “outdated” as building
codes and new construction performance standards improve.

When should I contact Piller & Putz?
It is most efficient to contact Piller & Putz at the very start of the planning process.
We can begin the design with building performance in mind from the onset. This
reduces the need for costly plan revisions. Piller & Putz also can provide interior and
exterior design services, which will enhance the Passive House and Net Zero